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TreeCapture is a field-based digital tree management survey system which is used to capture and maintain a spatial database of trees and tree works plus provide arboriculture monitoring. Field crews carry handheld computers displaying a clickable map of the city or district. This map displays streets, property boundaries and addresses, parks, and trees. Once the information has been gathered in the field it is then transferred to a central database where the information can be customized to your application.

We have recently completed a survey of approximately 1700 trees in and around the Whenuapai Royal Air Force Base. Each individual tree is given an identification number and then classified under several criteria, under which intelligent searches can be carried out in a common format. For example, out of 1700 trees, some may have grown into power lines and need pruning. One simple search can provide the exact locality of all necessary pruning, urgency of works, estimated cost, and ease of dispatch to maintenance crews. As works are being carried out the survey can continually be updated so that your survey always remains current and therefore valuable.

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